What can be cured by bearberry: uva ursi medical application

Uva ursi applicationBearberry, medical application of which is becoming increasingly popular, has been long used for curing numerous internal diseases. Even Vikings, Native Americans and Ancient Rus’ people knew what can be cured by bearberry. Nowadays this list of diseases is increasing due to discoveries of new uva ursi properties. Among them:

1. Cystitis

This is the main and maybe most famous bearberry application both in traditional and folk medicine. Bearberry leaves have diuretic , antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties. Bearberry application in case of cystitis is described in details in a separate article.

2. Urethritis

Urinary tract inflammations is a problem of both men and women. Bearberry treatment of cystitis in most cases gives a positive and rather fast result. The substances contained in leaves efficiently destroy bacteria and viruses, which are the reason for urethritis occurrence. After destroying them, uva ursi are the perfect treatment for restoring urinary tract functions and their full disinfecting.

3. Prostatitis

In case of prostatitis bearberry has an effect similar to that one in case of cystitis: it increases the urine production in kidneys, restores urination and contributes to inflammation decrease. Complex treatments and dietary supplements, containing bearberry leaves and other components fostering their effect, are the most efficient ones. Some of treatments of this type are described here.

4. Pyelitis, pyelonephritis, pyelocistitis and other kidney diseases

In case if different kidney diseases require diuretics application, bearberry proves itself very well. If it is consumed, kidneys recover and renew their functions faster. In case of pielonephrities, bearberry enhances bacteria elimination due to intensive extraction of disease agents with urine.

5. Diarrhea, heartburn, gastritis, colitis and other digestive tract diseases.

In these cases, uva ursi work in a different way: due to astringent effect they support recovery of normal intestinal functioning and more stable intestinal work. Bearberry, which properties in curing sores are the reason for its vast cosmetological application, enhances recovery in case of gastric or duodenal ulcers.

6. Morbus Basedow

Bearberry leaves, the application of which in case of nervous diseases the science considered useless, nowadays are more and more often used for curing sympathetic nerve disorders. Consequently, in curing nervous diseases, they are most often used to cure Morbus Basedow.

7. Sexual diseases: whites, gonorrhea etc.

After all bearberry properties became known, itы application in venereology started to increase. Nowadays, its anti-inflammation, antibacterial and purifying properties are used for curing bacterial infections and inflammation genital tract diseases.

8. Rheumatism

9. Excessive myometrium contactions

10. Sores, eczema and sluggish wounds

Antibacterial and antivirus properties of bearberry grass prove themselves in these cases. For sores curing it is not consumed, but is used for lubrication using alcoholatures or local bath application.

11. Diathesis

12. Urolithiasis

13. Various etiology edemas: tubercular, diabetic, septic in case of allergy.

Diuretic properties uva ursi are famous for, play an important role in this case. Its application in case of edemas enhance faster liquid outflow from tissues and organs, which sometimes helps to save lives of those suffering from acute or chronic allergy. In addition, bearberry is good for eliminating edemas in case of diabetes.

14. Cardiac insufficiency

15. Nervous disorders: depression, headache, alcoholism, insomnia

Bearberry helps curing these diseases due to high amounts of glycozides, which positively affect a patient’s nervous condition, tranquilize and support normal operation of the nervous system.

16. Podagra
17. Carcinomata

The advantage of bearberry is that even children can consume it. Surely, significantly smaller quantities of substances and infusions should be used in this case.

Uva ursi flowers are often used in the folk medicine. Their composition and properties are somewhat different; and the acloholatures of these flowers can cure conjunctivitis, blepharitis, pemphigus and heart diseases. Most important properties of bearberry flowers are the abilities to support immune and vision systems. Uva ursi flowers therapy has some peculiarities, which are essential to know.
How to consume bearberry for treatment?

There are relatively many methods of using bearberry leaves and flowers. All of them are well known and proved themselves well in folk medicine; they are included in the preparation of different infusions, decoctions, teas and other medicines. This topic is rather wide, therefore the recipes of these medical treatments and consumption advice are provided in a separate article.

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