Uva-Ursi or bearberry: your natural doctor

uva ursiArctostaphylos Uva-Ursi (popularly known as kinnikinnick, manzanita or bearberry — for the typical form of its leaf) is a well-known medicinal plant. From immemorial time it was used by traditional healers to treat cystitis, urethritis and many other diseases of the genitourinary system. Moreover, the effectiveness of this wonderful grass so high, that today the healing properties of bearberry are used not only in alternative, but also in traditional medicine.

Recently, even the public health service in Germany officially recognized the kinnikinnick as effective drug in treatment of diseases of the urinary bladder and tract.

Pinemat manzanita is a part of many modern medicines and preventive means. But in itself it is a much more useful tool than a lot of pharmaceutical drugs, because Uva-Ursi does not contain any chemicals. It holds only natural ingredients — various glucosides, tannins, antioxidants. So do not be surprised by healing effect that you feel when you apply the famous bearberry.

And on this site you will be able to get answers to all questions about the application of a bearberry:

  • What other illness this herb helps to cure
  • How they prepare Uva-Ursi tincture
  • What contraindications does bearberry have
  • What kind of plant manzanita is, where and how it breed
  • Are the pregnants allow to use kinnikinnick
  • How are Uva-ursi used in cosmetics
  • Which medicines contain kinnikinnick
  • How to use bearberry correctly

…and much, much more. And after a tour around the site you will be fully informed of all applications of Uva-ursi and be able to use it safely for strengthen your health. So let’s get acquainted with bearberry!

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