Bearberry leaves and kidney health

Uva Ursi leavesBearberry leave is a medical treatment known from the ancient times. In the countries, where this plant (also called uva ursi) grows, the bearberry leaves have been used for curing kidney, bladder and urogenital system diseases from the ancient times.

In addition, many useful properties of bearberry leaves and additional substances, contained in them, allow using uva ursi for curing and prevention alimentary tract, rheumatism and blood-vascular system diseases, as well as for curing infections and nervous disorders. The detailed list of diseases, which can be cured using uva ursi is provided on a separate page.

However, the diuretic properties of bearberry are most obvious. Affecting kidneys directly and not allowing liquid to be absorbed for the second time, uva ursi enhance urine extraction from the body. Due to this, many bacteria and harmful substances, created during inflammation processes, are extracted from kidneys. Further due to large volume of extracted liquid, the bladder and the whole urinary system start to work properly.

Bearberry leaves are the real storage of useful substances, among which there are glycosides, antioxidants, natural acids and flavonoids. Not every pill has that many substances, useful and helpful for the body. However, all these elements can be used only after special leaves treatment. First, they are collected and dried; further different treatment substances are prepared from them. They can also be prepared at home; there is a special article devoted to the recipes for preparation of teas, decoctions and infusions from bearberry.

Nowadays, dried bearberry leaves are produces in special boxes with 100g weight. In this form, they can be purchased for further preparation of different medicines.

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