How to use bearberry to cure cystitis: all advices and secrets

Bearberry was used to treat cystitis even at the times people did not know alcohol. The first notice of this plant’s curing properties can be found in ancient Greek doctors and scientists’ works. They got to know about uva ursi from the northern tribes that lived on the territory of the modern Baltic States.

толокнянка при циститеAt those times, teas and simple herbal infusions containing bearberry were used as diuretics. Cystitis was totally cured during 2-3 weeks with the help of those herbal teas.

Modern folk medicine methods are not significantly different from the ancient ones. Moreover, this is not needed, as the treatment works perfectly. Therefore, for successful cystitis treatment you should follow the special system and use correct treatments.


In which form bearberry is used to treat cystitis?

Most often bearberry alcoholatures, infusions and decoctions are used for cystitis treatment. Bearberry substances preparation is easy and anyone can make them at home.

Alcoholatures and water infusions are considered to be the most effective ones. Their benefits are due to the fact that uva ursi leaves are not treated by heat. Consequently, all reactants remain in them.

However, alcoholatures may be prohibited in case of acute disease circuit. In general, it is not advisable to take alcohol in case of cystitis, but in case of mild form, a spoon of an alcoholature will cause no harm. In addition, alcoholature is to be prepared in advance therefore this method is not suitable in case of the unexpected disease start.

At the same time, water infusions cannot be stored for the long time: after the leaves are poured in water, it can be used only for 24 hours. So it is up to you to decide whether you can prepare the infusion every day or you should take care in advance and prepare the alcoholature, which can be stored for months.

Decoctions and teas based on that uva ursi have also proven themselves very well. Although, some part of helpful substances is destroyed by temperature, the largest part of them remains and will promote fast disease treatment.

The difference between decoction and tea is only in the preparation method, which we will discuss separately.

Special kissels (starchy fruit jelly) are sometimes prepare to cure children. It is also not difficult, moreover, these kissels are not less efficient than uva ursi decoctions.

In what quantities should bearberry treatments be consumed?

настойкиThe dosage for bearberry based cystitis treatments should be used depend on the patient’s gender, age and weight and on the drug type.

Thus, an adult should consume 10-15 drops of uva ursi alcoholature three times per day: in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening after meals.

A cup of uva ursi based tea should be consumed three times a day after meals.

A tablespoon of bearberry decoction should be consumed 3-5 time per day. The quantity used for children should be designated by your GP, as the dosage highly depends on age and body weight.

The water infusion containing uva ursi should be taken in approximately similar quantities. One or two tablespoons 3-4 times per day are the optimal quantities.

Do not forget that bearberry based treatments may cause side effects if consumed in large quantities. It is better to drink less than more as excessive treatment quantities consumption can lead to more serious consequences than cystitis itself.

Cystitis diet: with what to combine bearberry infusion

Диета при циститеCystitis treatment requires following a special diet.

First, very salty and fried foods should be avoided. When these foods are consumed, too much liquid is held up, the kidneys do not excrete it in the necessary amount and cystitis treatment takes longer.

In other words, salt levels the effect of uva ursi treatments. Cystitis proceeds the same way as without treatment

For the same reason it is not advisable to consume bakery goods, starch and sweets The ideal diet in case of bladder inflammation should be composed of numerous porridges, fruits and vegetables, preferably – fresh ones.

Bearberry treatments prove themselves very well in case of large liquid consumption (at least 2 liters of water daily besides food and tea) and juices consumption – apple, carrot and beet ones.

Bearberry treatment should continue until the total recovery. There are no adverse effects of consuming it by healthy or recovered people, therefore it is useful to drink uva ursi tea and consume small quantities of alcoholature or decoction for the sake of prevention even in case of no cystitis symptoms.

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